Monday, 13 May 2013

Artists' Open House

This past weekend was taken up by Artists' Open House, as part of the Dulwich Festival, covering south-east London. On Saturday I wore my new star-buy, a celery-green fringed leather jacket from St Christoper's Hospice on Lordship Lane. The jacket, by Pelle Pelle, costing under £50, is for a good cause too.
Over the two days we visited painters, sculptures, photographers, jewellers, print-makers, ceramicists and designers. 
Here are some of the ones we visited:

Polly Bagnall:
Jenny Jones: 
Julie Bennett:
Marcia Bennett Male:
Paul Joyce:
Lisa E. Moss: 
Jessica Walker:
Joyce Treasure:
Ali Tomlin:
Dan Hillier: (part of Art Dog: )
Delphine Lebourgeois at the Gas Gallery:
Hope and Eden:

Artists' Open House is still showcasing next weekend (18-19 May). More art... and more of my wardrobe!

Visit for details.

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