Friday, 30 September 2016

A ton of fun @ Croftfest September 2016

Crofton Park was en fête last weekend for its community event, Croftfest, which is becoming a fixture in our calendar. We have covered this celebration several times, most notably a year ago (September 2015) when we wore a fabulous array of clothes from Brockley's favourite and best-known designer boutique, Paraphernalia. Happily some things don't change - again we were treated to showcasing a gorgeous selection of looks, both vintage and modern, this time around with La Teen orchestrating much of the styling - and modelling too.
My outfits ranged from a couple of Freestyle dresses (the floaty taupe and a tie-dye, both accessorised with jewellery sourced by Paraphernalia) and a khaki combo to a slinky black vintage jumpsuit and a Clover Canyon patterned shirt and midnight-blue satin cigarette pants by Sandro - I couldn't resist the latter and bought them by the time I'd got them on!
La Teen wore a contrasting number of great little dresses from an Asos black crochet dress to a mixed fabric tweed/ sheer piece from Three Floor, all of which looked striking against Crofton Park's eye-catching street art.
Thank you, Mandi, pictured here with your mother -and style maven- Lorna. And a happy 19th anniversary!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Tapping into the spirit of Art

I love the Courtauld Gallery, set in one corner of the neo-classical glamour that is Somerset House, and boasting some fine views of the Thames on its uppermost floors. The latter location, part of the Courtauld Institute of Art, is a good spot for the interesting and absorbing shows it stages - the latest being Georgiana Houghton: Spirit Drawings. Earlier in the month, I caught this summer showcase of a most unusual, little-known Victorian artist (1814-1884) whose work is mainly to be found in Melbourne, Australia, at The Victorian Spiritualists' Union. Perhaps the Aussies were onto something... because her work was well before its time.
This collection of abstract watercolours, not seen in the UK for more than a century, capture a kind of spiritual energy (Ms Houghton was also a spiritual medium and this area of interest clearly informed her artistic endeavours) with their magical and heavenly shapes and forms. A truly memorable and other-worldly show.
For ease, I'm wearing a simple linen shift (made in Italy, purchased in Crystal Palace) and my comfortable Supergas, excellent for walk-abouts and those cobbles in the Somerset House courtyard. For essential colour, under changeable September skies, I added a dash of orange with my Parosh top, and lots of ethnic beads and bag. The sunnies are by Moschino. The location are the environs of Somerset House, now a mecca for the creative arts, and with its own fine spirit of place.