Friday, 26 July 2013

It's a perennial!

I do not know how long I have owned this dress but I know where I bought it... Past Caring on Essex Road, Islington, and probably after a slap-up breakfast at nearby Alfredo's. Both these favourites are still going strong (although the latter is now known as S&M Cafe). The dress is equally evergreen, probably older than me, with no discernible label. It is plain-cut in black and white printed cotton, with a floral refrain. And it fits as only dresses of a certain era did, when figures were fulsome. It never fails to celebrate summer with me... and I can wear it with any amount of different accessories. This time: modern mono Ray-Bans, African livid-green beads and enamel ring, and perspex... both with my beach bag and on my Paul Smith strappy heels. I am about to have a recuperative cuppa in the members' room, at another favourite of mine: the one-and-only V&A.

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