Sunday, 8 September 2013

Frankly Friday!

Multi-storey car parks are not exactly my favourite haunt. They always look as if they should feature in some drama, and certainly not my life and not obviously on my Friday night. But that has all changed, because even though it's only a village away, I'd not been to the bar, atop Peckham, called Frank's. Designed by Practice Architecture (Paloma Gormley and Lettice Drake), the cafe forms part of the Bold Tendencies Sculpture Project, set up in 2007. On Friday, I had a rendezvous with friends heading for Cape Town and Paraguay respectively, and decided to glow - red! Frank's was a revelation - from the heady skyline views which could rival a Hilton, to hearty food and smiley service, and a buzz that can't be bettered.
I slipped into the only red silk dress - in my world - a '30s number from O Mistress Mine, New York; a vintage tartan silk jacket; Patrick Cox bejewelled knee-high boots, from Question Air, and carried a beaded patchwork bag from a charity shop. The weather held out, but the rum drink was Dark & Stormy. Frankly, Friday couldn't have been more fab!

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