Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Impertinent Objects

Last weekend I found myself climbing the stairs at The Montage in Forest Hill's Dartmouth Road for the private view of Impertinent Objects, a mixed media show by Natalia Zagorska-Thomas, whose eye redefines the much overused and over-rated word: eclectic. This example of a single vintage shoe taking flight (no hand in glove) was a particularly eye-catching example of her original artwork, which we featured last year in 'The Montage' and 'Wallpapered hideaway'. Entirely in black, save for the Dior lipstick, I'm wearing some favourite pieces: a Homberg on my head, a cane-handled velvet bag on my arm and around my shoulders the oldest article of clothing in my wardrobe - an Edwardian silk and taffeta cape, with a lace ruffled collar and jet-black beaded rosettes. Pertinent, I think!

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