Wednesday, 31 December 2014



‘Fashion is an expression of the times. Elegance is something else again.’ Horst, 1984

The V&A's current exhibition on Horst: Photographer of Style encapsulates a life's work behind the lens, from that corset for Mainbocher to a Persepolis bull, and brings together unforgettable portraits and images of high style and glamour. Horst created more than 90 front covers for Vogue from the '30s to '60s. Notably that 1939 photograph for Vogue of the Detolle corset for Mainbocher informed Madonna's music video, Vogue, in the '90s. Horst P. Horst established himself as one of Vogue's photographers of choice in the '40s, so what better way to be inspired by the German-born virtuoso than wear my own impeccable dress from that era - an original Fashion Preferred, Styled by Jack Liebman. Who he? For my trip to the V&A, my classic black taffeta dress with velvet cuffs and collar stood the test of time on the steps in south Kensington, passing by the Christmas Tree 'Ceremony' by Gareth Pugh in the main entrance hall as well as a stroll through the classic sculpture gallery, keeping company with Diana the Huntress and Helen of Troy. My 'Feather in my Cap' hat was jaunty enough and my cane-handled velvet bag too. The Russell & Bromley grosgrain platforms from the '70s are a failsafe: glamorous and funky. And the tights, by Jonathan Aston, add a bit of jazz! The homage to Horst ends this weekend so pile on the glamour and take a stroll through these timeless images.

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