Monday, 8 June 2015

Floral Fringe Fair 2015

West Sussex was saying it with flowers for its annual Floral Fringe Fair. On the invitation of friends, we spent the last weekend of May in the county helping out at their vintage stall, with Knepp Castle as a most charming backdrop. Vintage cars and vintage dresses were de rigueur so I dressed for the occasion in my busily floral silk '30s dress, bought at Annie's Vintage in Islington's Camden Passage, a primrose-yellow '50s quilted bed jacket, and fabulously 'out-there' sunglasses from Paraphernalia. To shake it up were my vividly-coloured African beads, and a modern shaggy bag from The Dulwich Trader. Early in the day, my 1980s suede heels were swiftly replaced by  trusty Aigle boots. Last year, for this May event, I wore the '50s Hardy Amies floral suit.
Amongst this sea of green, there were pops of eye-catching colour, such as these graphic, stripy deckchairs - a favourite of my daughter's, who was also channelling the vintage vibe and mostly borrowed (from my wardrobe), especially the handmade reversible jacket from  Montreal.
All the vintage goodies photographed were sourced by Diane and Simon, of Cafe Murano in Hurstpierpoint, whose 'great food and great coffee' feature in Best of Sussex.

P.S. Been keeping a low profile recently in the whole blogging department, because it's the season of GCSEs. I may not be 16, but I definitely have nuclear fission sussed, and I could tell you a thing or two about the Middle Ages...

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